Hi, I’m Alan

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Building digital products, brands, and experience.

a Product Designer and Visual Designer in Atlanta, Georgia. I specialize in UX/UI Design, Design Accessibility, and Inclusive Design.




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Strategy & Direction

By defining every aspect of the UX before initiating the design phase, I'm giving my team direction for all aspects of the design. This means fewer misunderstandings, and less rework and resource wastage during the design process.

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Design UI/UX

I offer comprehensive UI/UX services that include branding, mobile app design, UX consulting, and promotional designs using the latest tools and technologies. I push brands to define their image and make an enduring impact.

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Mobile App

As a creative UI/UX Designer, I carve a user-first interface and mobile experience, with a core focus on your business goals. I make the app design that breathes your concept, by innovating with the latest trends be it for mobile, wearable, or tablet.




User Interface Design

Graphic Design Principles





Qualitative & Quantitative Research

A/B Testing

Information Architecture

User Interviews and Flows

Competitve Analysis




Miro Board



Adobe XD

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe InDesign

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Alan has helped our team deliver incredible results, leading success for our UI & UX

As our seven-week program progressed, Alan demonstrated a willingness to learn the problem space deeply and worked quite effectively to establish and nurture key relationships with product and research partners. With an emphasis on weekly delivery checkpoints, Alan navigated the original project framework he had proposed with focused energy and flexibility, rising to the occasion and adjusting to unexpected challenges along the way. In the end, Alan produced effective design solutions that really represented a significant breakthrough for the product team's approach as he was able to show new ways of thinking about an enduring challenge.

Jeremy Piontek

UX Design Manager @Macmillan
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We've worked with Alan across all our projects and it's our competitive advantage.

I had the pleasure of working with Alan this summer in his role as a UX intern at Macmillan. As a Product Manager, I appreciated that he really sought to understand the problem and that he asked great questions throughout the entire process. While coming up with his solution, he dug into the problem in creative and thoughtful ways, and was very receptive to my feedback. His ultimate solution provided much-needed visual context to the problem without feeling over-designed.

Jaclyn Wiggins-Camacho

Product Director @Macmillan
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A few things clients
normally ask me:

What is your concentration?
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I'm a UX & Visual Designer with 5 years of experience in designing new website functionalities, prototyping product apps interface, and conducting primary & secondary research. Also, I specialize in these areas such as design accessibility, and inclusive design.

What is your location & timezone?
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Currently, I'm located in Atlanta, GA (GMT-4).

How often can we communicate?
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As of now, I'm working as a full-time Digital Production Artist at Epsilon so every day after 5:00 PM would perfectly work for me (not including Sunday).

What is your  hourly rate?
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1. UX Design (General) - $60 per hour
2. Wireframing - $40 per hour
3. User Research - $40 per hour
4. Storyboards/Personas - $40 per hour

Let me know if you want to talk about a potential collaboration. I’m available
for freelance work.

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