Frutiger: Booklet Design

Type Specimen Booklet

The Client

For this project, I was asked to research Swiss designer Adrian Frutiger and his famous typefaces. After I finished all research, I had to come up with a booklet, a poster, and a motion piece that embrace the essence of the designer's work.


The rules were simple. The history of the typeface and the aspects of the font must be shown, and only the font can be used in the book - no illustrations or images. This provided a challenge that was useful in demonstrating how to use strictly typography in a visually appealing way while also showcasing information. Booklet design must also demonstrate the designer’s ability with utilizing graphic design principles to make the design work.


The book includes all the important information about Frutiger including its history, characteristics, styles, family, sizes, and usage. This information was obtained through extensive research. The design of each page was meticulously planned out to provide the most pleasing reading experience possible.

Motion Piece

This is a motion graphics piece focused on kinetic typography, inspired by Swiss Design. It focuses on a specific classification of the typeface Frutiger and how it was implemented around the globe. The content was visualized from a typographical standpoint. For the background music, I decided to go with something that was energetic in order to help the video to be attractive and hold the interest of the viewers.

The result

Retro '50s Swiss Design clashed with the modern patterning I had and neither worked with the geometric shapes used towards the end of the booklet. Finally, the booklet was honed into the full embrace of the '50-'60s aesthetic I started with to create a fully cohesive booklet.

What’s next?

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