Quote Poster

The Client

Drake has just released his new album "Certified Lover Boy" and Spotify has asked me to develop a quote-driven poster to promote it.


My challenge was to design, draw or animate a poster using a quote/lyric/name of Drake. The design of my poster and style of typography should have reacted to both Drake and the specific quote/lyric/name I selected.


I've considered using a grid. A grid helped me decide where to place my content — it helped narrow down the infinite possibilities into just a few clear choices, and made it easier to create a harmonious relationship between parts in my composition. Also, I've established a visual hierarchy; what do you want the viewer to see first, second, third in your design? What are the most important words or phrases? I was encouraged to use size, composition, and a mixture of type styles to establish contrast.

Process Book

When I got this assignment, I already knew what kind of elements I wanted to use. For colors, I used red and white as main colors in order to represent Drake's favorite basketball team - Toronto Raptors. Also, he is Canadian too. In terms of style, I went very clean and organized to reflect the structure of his songs.

Why did I pick that specific album? Because it was one of the most anticipated albums by Drake. For the lyrics, I decided to use Arabic because most of his friends from the social circle were Muslims. To let the audience know that the album will be full of energy and very popular, I came up with a warning tape and an age restriction tag as decorative elements. Likewise, I had to use Spotify logo as a requirement; however, I didn't want to use a regular one because it seemed too overused. I knew for quite some time that Spotify came up with their scannable codes, so I thought it would be a good idea to use them and stand out more.

I applied all names of his songs from the album and turned them into a border for the portrait. To keep everything cohesive within the poster, all elements had the same color palette. Personally, I didn't want to use an image for the portrait because I felt that an illustration would make more sense in terms of the style. That's why I didn't color it too. Additionally, I put a signature under his portrait in an effort to make my audience feel connected to Drake and also have a feel like it was really signed by him. Not to mention, implementing signatures became a consistent element in all my designs.

If you look closely, you can notice a texture over the poster. I did it with an intention to make it look more realistic like it's a poster.

Final Designs

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