The Wolf of Wall Street: Movie Script Booklet

Movie Script Book

The Client

For the senior graphic design class, I was tasked with picking a movie and expressing its script solely through a typographic book and typographic movie trailer, and I could pick any movie I wanted. As an action-lover myself, the choice was obvious: “The Wolf of Wall Street.”


The book had to be more than 40 pages, include all the key scenes, and have the text from the official script. In terms of typography and colors, it had to mimic the vibe of the movie. Lastly, the images weren't allowed.


I used mainly yellow simply because it represents money and the movie was about a character who rose to a wealthy stockbroker living a luxurious life. Likewise, each character had its own typeface in order to differentiate dialogues while reading, and also I picked a typeface based on the character's personality. Since the images weren't let to be implemented, I created illustrations by using typography only.

The result

In the end, I came up with a 54-page book that depicts the movie with the most engaging scenes.

What’s next?

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