HBO Movie Campaign

The Client

The HBO Art Director, Alex Diamond, in the collaboration with my graphic design course, has asked for a movie campaign based on the book that hasn't been adapted yet. The requirement was to come up with a movie poster, merchandise, and an app design that promotes the movie.


All components had to reflect the book itself and its aesthetics. I couldn't change the whole vibe of the book and use just the title to represent it. Also, I had to come up with the cast, so picking the actors that would make sense was a challenge.


Since the story plot was about the virtual game that was held in the future. I have decided to use vibrant neon colors to make the style futuristic and sans-serif fonts to add some sort of modernism. Additionally, I have chosen actors/actresses who have played in action movies to match the vibe of the book.

Program Description

The 18-year-old Emika Chen is a bounty hunter with money problems. But after she accidentally throws herself into the gaming world of Warcross, she finds that now all attention is on her. When she is offered a dream job working for the creator of Warcross, Hideo Tanaka, she learns that there is more to uncover.

The result

In the end, I have created a poster that shows Lana Condor as the main character. The main reason why was because she is a very famous actress and in order to attract my target audience, who were young adults, putting her in the front would be a good decision. For the merchandise, I have decided to play with the style and make it more illustrative in an effort to not make everything the same and boring; however, still paying homage to the original style. Since the book was about the game, I thought it would be a great idea to design playing cards because they also symbolize the game. The last component was up to us, so having an app that gives you more stories about the characters and their life would be helpful for the audience to understand the movie due to the fact that some people could be unfamiliar with it.

What’s next?

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